Why our Brazilian suntan oil is so good!

Why our Brazilian suntan oil is so good!

The Original Brazilian Sun Oil - Natural SPF 6- Has a combination of Ingredients that allows you to reach the perfect, deepest, darkest tan you can dream of. It gives a natural glow packed with all the vitamins and antioxidants necessary to maintain it. 

The magic comes from Urucum. It has 6x more beta carotenes than carrot accelerating and deepening your tan. You can see it from the first go how it has a distinct tint that will instantly give you color but also mega boost your tanning. You can get better results with less sun exposure. The Urucum seeds protect you against UV Rays and Free Radicals. Stay always golden and never red baby! 

It is an all natural oil with no additives, cruelty free, chem free, natural, vegan, reef friendly and gluten free. We make sure to work with providers that align with our vision of quality, ethics and standards. Our bottle is 100% recycled. Because we only want the best for your skin and the environment.

A suntan oil that does it all.

Natural SPF 6


  • Urucum Seed, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance 
Kushyy Hawaii Ubatuba Tan Beach Influencer


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