What is Urucum?

What is Urucum?

The mysterious Urucum seed can be found throughout latin america, the seed has a distinct red color which is what gives you that amazing Brazilian style tan. It has been traditionally used by the Brazilian indigenous people in the Amazon for various health benefits as well as sun protection, and today we bring it to you. 

The red color comes from its high content of carotenoids (natural pigment, 6x stronger than carrot!!). 

The Urucum pigment, called Bixin, promotes topical calming action on the skin while protecting you against the ultraviolet rays and providing your skin with beneficial antioxidant properties. But the list does not stop there other topical properties of Urucum include; Vitamin A & E, intense skin hydration, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, helps stretch marks, scar healing and it has natural SPF 6.

The only way to truly understand how magic the magic works, is by giving it a try! 

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