Let's learn about CBD

Let's learn about CBD

When we embarked on this adventure, our main priority was (and will always be) to bring to you an amazing Brazilian tan, but to give you, as well, the most protection we can against the Sun. From this our Tanning oil SPF 20 and After Sun Lotion with +200mg CBD were born. 

We use only 100% organic and locally grown, Certified Hemp CBD. It contains 99.6% Cannabidiol. The topical properties are amazing and you will be surprised. Don`t be afraid because topical CBD does not get you high, since it does not have any THC content (what gives marijuana its mind-altering properties)

It is highly anti-oxidant and anti-aging which reduces the signs of aging. This is because it protects you against free radicals (Pollution, smoke, UV rays) which is what make your skin age. It counteracts tissue damage due to sun exposure while preventing sun burn! As we say, always golden never red!  

CBD is anti-inflammatory, which studies have shown that acne is an inflammatory condition. It also helps reduce skin oils. This is why CBD oil is great to reduce and prevent acne while soothing your skin and making it look better.

It is packed with vitamins A, B, C, D & E. And studies show it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

Lets not forget it soothes joints, refreshes muscles and regulates sweat glands. So while you are tanning or after tanning, you can relax your body! 

The benefits of CBD are incredible and we invite you to try them for yourself, you will love it!! Welcome to the groovy side ;) 

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