If I apply sunscreen before a tanning oil, does it work?

If I apply sunscreen before a tanning oil, does it work?

Hi tribe,

We frequently get inquiries regarding whether or not you should use sunscreen first before using our Brazilian sun oil SPF-6 or our California sun oil SPF-20. Yes, you can, and the greatest thing is that you'll also acquire a stunning tan. The amount of beta carotenes, vitamins, and lack of additives in our oils are benefits; in other words, you are hydrating and feeding your body as a result. Therefore, we advise using your preferred sunscreen first, followed by our oil, after ten minutes. Your skin will become silky smooth as you continue to use it, and your body will radiate.

TIP: The more you use our oils the tanner you will get..... I usually put some oil after my shower in the morning, let it dry for a couple of minutes and tara!!!! Our lotions help to maintain the color as well which I usually add the lotion at night time!!!! This combination will make you have a tan all year round. 


Thank you for being a part of our tribe!!! We hope you maintain healthy, happy and motivated!!!! 


Ubatuba Tan Sisters!


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