Hydration is key to a long lasting tan!

Hydration is key to a long lasting tan!

Keeping your body hydrated plays a major role in mantaining a healthy, glowing skin. It is very important to know what tanning oils, sun screens and lotions to use on your beautiful body! 

We recommend that the products contain minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and are always chemical-free. 

Our products have a blend of natural oils and butters that give you the necessary hydration and moisture locking your body needs.

Our natural ingredients provide protection from the UV rays and pollutants while still giving you the deepest, darkest, sun glowing natural tan. Our secret weapon is Urucum Seeds, which contains  100x more beta carotenoids than carrot giving your skin an extra boost of vitamin A and E and a dark tan. 

Our Recovery Creams are specially crafted to give your skin an extra hydration boost and help your body recover and refresh after a day of sun. Made with aloe vera, mango butter, urucum extract, coconut oil, almond oil all giving your skin the necessary ingredients for a longer lasting healthy tan! 

You can use our suntanning oils and recovery creams throughout out the whole year to help you maintain that healthy glow and keeping your summer tan as long as possible. 

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