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Welcome to Ubatuba Tan Ubatuba Tan - Brazilian Tanning Oil & After-Sun Lotion

  • Original Sun Oil

    The secret to the tan of your dreams!

  • Hydration.

    To keep you glowing its all about post-tan hydration. Don't worry, we've got your back!

  • Born in Brazil, Made in LA

    We invite you to our universe

  • Only the best for you.

    We only use what is best for your skin, discover our ingredients and all of their benefits for your beautiful skin!

Explore our most loved

Original sun oil SPF 6

Super boost your tan with Urucum seeds & UV ray protection.


Travel with me!

Our Original Sun Oil is ready to go with you on any adventure, with our travel size companion.


Original After-Sun

Give love to your skin after a day in the sun. Extra bonus: Its a natural insect repelllant!


Our promise -- All natural ingredients always.

Discover what goes into each bottle and the benefits of our ingredients. Because its always important to know what goes on your skin!

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